Satellite TV deals from DIRECTV in District of Columbia (2 Dealers)



4435 Wisconsin Northwest Avenue
Washington, DC 20016



1100 Connecticut Northwest Avenue
Washington, DC 20036

Satellite TV's number one provider from DSI, DC. #1 customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our service tops over 30 million users. We have the lowest subscription rates around.

Packages that entertain

Over 300 channels included with more than 170 HD. You can keep up with your favorite sports team at anytime. Experience sports in the best quality available. Watch your favorite shows on HBO, Starz and Showcase. For those of you who prefer Spanish, DIRECTV has over 200 Spanish channels. We even remembered to give you the option of watching movies and series of other countries. Netflix movies got nothing on our speed and availability.


Enhance your movies' effect by watching DIRECTV on plasma, HDTV or LED TV. No service is a match compared to our quality images and sounds. Your shows can now be recorded and are available to watch from any TV set in your home. Low-cost, great quality and access to every channel imagined makes us the number one TV provider around. Satellite TV customers are increasing by the day because of the provider's great services.

Our Competitors

None of our competitors can match up to our 7 Emmys in technology achievement. Which other TV competitor would give you over 300 channels with excellent quality image and sound for low prices? Our cable and other satellite TV competitors, like Dish Network, Adelphia and Charter, could only hope their prices could match up to ours. Let's not forget that this satellite TV service offers vital channels that other providers disregard. No other TV provider can promise you that their technology can match up to ours and maintain a signal even in bad weather.