High Speed Internet deals from Exede in Manitou Beach, Michigan



8901 North M 33 Highway
Cheboygan, MI 49721
( 27 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



978 West Conway Road
Harbor Springs, MI 49740
( 47 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



52 Maple Drive
Spruce, MI 48762
( 51 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



205 West 9th Street
Mio, MI 48647
( 59 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



7280 Rapid City Northwest Road
Rapid City, MI 49676
( 80 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



259 East Hillsdale Drive
Roscommon, MI 48653
( 80 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



1513 North Mcewan Street
Clare, MI 48617
( 122 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



104 West Dunlop Road
Clare, MI 48617
( 123 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



4573 North Mission Road
Rosebush, MI 48878
( 130 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



100 South Mission Street [A]
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
( 137 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



2185 East Remus Road
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
( 138 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



15888 130th Avenue
Rodney, MI 49342
( 142 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



210 North Michigan Avenue
Big Rapids, MI 49307
( 145 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )



3466 Main Street
Deckerville, MI 48427
( 148 miles from the center of Manitou Beach, MI )

Zip Codes In Manitou Beach, MI:


Exede from DSI, Manitou Beach, MI

Exede from DSI symbolizes the up and coming era of rural Internet services. The new technology from ViaSat, the company who brought you WildBlue, Exede surpasses all expectations as to what you can expect from a satellite internet provider. Download larger pictures, stream HD movies, send emails with efficiency. The ideal mixture of optimum bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible even for those who reside in remote rural areas to enjoy the Internet.

Multiple High-Speed Choices

A number of package choices are available to fit your individual requirements as well as your pocketbook. For those of you that are new to the web and all its benefits, we offer the $49.99 package deal with 10GB. This light internet package is great if you're planning to use the web for research, the news and e-mails. For just $79.99 you can double your bandwidth to 15GB and experience a better, faster internet with more options than emails, research and surfing the web. For those who spend a great deal more time on the computer, the 15GB plan is ideally suited; this is the plan that will facilitate the use of graphics heavy sites like YouTube and Facebook. For a maximum fee of $129.99 per month, this 25GB plan delivers optimum online savings. This 25GB plan is perfect for houses in which many residents surf the net at the same time, and for those who enjoy listening to songs, streaming films and other sizable files. Our premium packages and plans provide you with guaranteed quality streaming and service you can trust.

HughesNet High Speed

HughesNet, with is associated with Dish Network, has similar deals as Exede but their company provides more restrictions. This system can reach an optimum 250MB each day, not allowing customers to get the very most out of the Internet as well as its media content. In development is a new HughesNet satellite that will provide more access to its wireless internet customers.

Cox, Comcast and Time Warner Cable Internet

Online services hosted by cable companies such as Time Warner, Cox and Comcast restrict patrons to one provider and certain logistic areas in which their Internet cables run. Anyone living in remote areas cannot have cable internet because their providers and services simply can't reach that far. Companies such as Time Warner, Cox and Comcast still offer a decent quality cable network.

FiOS & Fiber - Verizon and Google Kick In

Verizon FiOS has been around for a while - offering a fiber optic based internet connection. Google Fiber is a more recent addition to the fiber optic clan. Fiber optic technology is fairly new in relation to cable. It still uses a cable but one that is made of a flexible glass tube. This tube allows for almost transparent data transportation and allows for a greater bandwidth than traditional electrical cables allow. The issue with fiber optic and any landline based internet is that it takes a long time to lay down all the cable. If you think about it, your house or apartment maybe hooked up to a cable network but it has taken decades for companies to provide the infrastructure and it has been subsidized by many companies. In this case, there are only two companies and they have every single household and business in America to hook up. It might be fast, but it also might be a while before you can see these benefits.

Satellite Internet - Why It Works

Debuting in 2012, this new type of satellite was culled from the most innovative technology available in the modern world--and now you too can use it. Exede's services provide you with a solid internet connection and satellite reliability in areas that usually compromise with slow DSL or dial-up connections. Our competitors' low resolution Ku band bandwidth causes degradation during bad weather, whereas our high resolution Ka band communication satellites provide you with the speed and quality internet you deserve.

This mix of advanced Internet technology and quality service has been combined and optimized to deliver the best of any Internet experience. Do all that you wanted to do, at a faster rate and without any pauses in between, with ViaSat's Exede Broadband Manitou Beach, MI from DSI.